About the project

The research project Rethinking Theory, Space and Production: Henri Lefebvre Today embraces the potential of Lefebvre’s theory of production of space in urban research and architecture. This theory opened up new ways of understanding the processes of urbanization, their conditions and consequences at any scale of social reality: from the practices of everyday life to the world-wide flows of people, capital, information and ideas. At the same time, Lefebvre’s theory has the capacity to aggregate urban politics, research and design practices through his exploration of urbanization of an open-ended process, defined as much by its history as by its potentials.

Since 2008, this project resulted in two conferences at the Schools of Architecture of Delft University of Technology and of ETH Zurich (2008, 2009); the edited volume which gathers selected contributions to both conferences (Urban Revolution Now: Henri Lefebvre in Social Research and Architecture, forthcoming in 2014); the book Henri Lefebvre on Space. Architecture, Urban Research, and the Production of Theory by Łukasz Stanek (2011); and Toward an Architecture of Enjoyment (forthcoming in 2014), the first publication in any language of Henri Lefebvre’s only book devoted to architecture, written in 1973.

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